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New Zealand couple reunited with September 11 firefighter

4:30 PM Tuesday Sep 10, 2002 3.00pm – By PAULA OLIVER The bond formed by three people at the scene of the September 11 terrorist attacks on New York this morning brought them to the Beehive for a special meeting with Prime Minister Helen Clark. New York volunteer firefighter Mike Weinstock met Hamilton couple Rupert…

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Zone for 9/11 victims expanded to Canal Street, but what if you live or work north of there?

Like thousands of others in Lower Manhattan, Gloria Knight fled for her life on Sept. 11, escaping fumes and fire. She was ordered out of the subway by police officers, and ran across the Manhattan Bridge to Brooklyn. It was on the bridge that she collapsed with a heart attack and stroke. But because Knight,…

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Pro Bono Scrambles to Secure Right to Vote of Patients on a ‘Wild and Crazy’ Election Day

William Biamonte, the Democratic election commissioner at the Nassau County Board of Elections, acknowledged that this year, in the aftermath of the hurricane and with an eleventh hour executive order from Governor Andrew Cuomo that allowed people to vote outside their district, it was a “Murphy’s Law on steroids” situation. But New York lawyers helped…

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Did Prosecutors Blunder in Transfer of Ex-Guatemalan Leader?

By Jacob Gershman A courtroom sketch shows former Guatemalan President Alfonso Portillo as he appears in Manhattan Federal Court in New York May 28, 2013. For airline travelers, the difference between a direct flight and a layover is often a matter of convenience. But when the passenger is an indicted defendant, the stakes can get…

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Vigilant Volunteer Ambulance: More Than Money

I joined the fire department because I knew it would make my mother angry. She loved books, she loved talking on the kitchen phone and, most of all, she loved her Popov-brand vodka. My mother didn’t like the idea of her teenage son joining the fire department. She had certain expectations when she moved to…

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