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Michael Weinstock was profiled in Chapter 15 of Colonel Will Merrill’s book 9/11 Ordinary People: Extraordinary Heroes

Military Writers 2011 BOOK of the YEAR: Florida Writer’s Association BOOK of the YEAR!

“9/11 Ordinary People: Extraordinary Heroes vividly recalls the catastrophic legacy of the most destructive terrorist attack in our country’s history. This book snaps the events of that day, the Pearl Harbor of our generation, into razor-sharp focus.” – Congressman Peter T. King, Chairman, Homeland Security Committee

This moving portrayal takes you face to face with the exceptional bravery of ordinary people who found themselves caught in the deadliest terrorist attack the country has ever faced. Witness the dramatic events through the eyes of the first responders going into the face of danger to help evacuate 25,000 people.

The book tells the gripping story of people barely escaping, some buried alive and others trapped for hours under building debris. First responders describe what it was like to search for survivors among the wreckage, while others explain their duties as members of clergy and the American Red Cross.

Michael Weinstock (left) treating a 9/11 victim on the Manhattan Bridge